Here are a few videos I thought you might enjoy.

1.  One of my main partners in Rwanda will be Christian Life Assembly. This church has an incredible story. This video shows some of the projects that CLA is involved in and to be added to this vision is partnership with me to build a LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT CENTER. Our heart is to reach out to the WHOLE MAN with the LOVE OF CHRIST!  We hope that you will join us!!!  CLA Walking Tour

2.  I have had the privilege of developing three courses for Christian Life Assembly Rwanda to train the leadership of the church.  Here are a few testimonies of what the spirit can/is/will do in people’s lives with training:  Leadership Training at Christian Life Assembly Rwanda 2010

3.  This is one of my favorite stories because it demonstrates how we are ALL ONE BODY with different parts and if we are all doing what God has called us to we will see changed lives for eternity!  How Will They Know?

Check this page for more videos coming soon!

NEW VIDEO – October 2012
by Faustin Niyigena
Racheal shares her dreams with friends at her home church of Christian Life Assembly (CLA) in Rwanda. Her dream is Imagine If…..Imagine what? Anything….”Imagine If Leadership Development Consultancy”. Imagine If your leaders lead like Jesus! Imagine if your leaders’ role model is Jesus. IMAGINE IF ….!!!

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