The Kirui Family

Name:  Collins Kirui
Age:  20
Job:  Student (Kabarak University)
Nationality: Kenyan

I am so glad I got the opportunity to attend the three courses of Leadership at CLA (Servant Leadership, TheLife giving power of authentic community and How to lead a small group). I have been able to put to use almost all the things I learnt. Its had such a great influence in my life and its amazing how I still remember them so well.

  • I have been able to be humble in my way of leadership and I have learnt that the only way to lead is to follow Jesus. Jesus is my Role model. I changed my perspective of leadership thanks to the Servant Leadership course. ENTHUSIAM also stood out for me, and I always practise it.
  • The course that stood out for me and is still standing out is the Life giving power of authentic community. I learnt alot about being authentic and the importance of an authentic community. Everything should be about love. When we love one another, we learn to be authentic to one another. We learnt about ‘masks’, and each day I look at what I do, and ask myself if its truly me, or just a mask. I have learnt to move beyond my superficial layer by knowing people and letting others know me, loving people and letting people loveme, serving people and letting others serve me and celebrating others an being celebrated.
  • One thing I struggle with, is being accountable to someone, but I am working on it. I also learnt how to truly forgive, being the first to forgive, its not easy, but its possible, and i got the best understanding on how to do it.
  • I can now lead a small group, comfortably and enthusiastically being humble and serving the members of the group. I seek to become a better leader and have a motive to serve other people.

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