P+P – October 2011

  • I am OFFICIALLY a PAOC Global Worker to RWANDA – got my letter Sept 23rd 2011
  • I got to go and see my parents in Alberta for 3 weeks (was originally two but God had some other ideas).  We had a WONDERFUL time together and a great surprise was that my sister Aimee was able to come for Canadian Thanksgiving.  I loved being on the road with mum and dad, visiting churches and meeting new people. My parents are simply GIANTS OF FAITH!! I am truly blessed with a RICH inheritance!
  • God in the most unexpected way, saw fit to encourage me on this journey of partnership development by allowing a fantastic young couple to be my first monthly supporters! This is one story I will NEVER forget!
  • After prayer and some confirmations along the way I have made LIVING WATERS in Fort Langley my “Canadian home church”. For the next 5 weeks I will be going to a NEW COMERS LIFE GROUP every Wednesday – to get to know others and learn more about the church.
  • I need to keep moving forward in the process in PAOC. Although I am officially a Global worker, my new job is PARTNERSHIP development.  I am praying that God will help the right doors to be open so that I can go home (to Rwanda) soon.  I need real wisdom and favor with God and man!
  • That I will continue to be a good learner of the Canadian Culture – it sure is different!

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