P+P – November 2011


  • On October 31 2011 the Whole Komant Klan was able to spend the afternoon/evening together – the first in YEARS ! BBQ supper, playing in park and lots of laughter!  Thank you God for my AMAZING family!!
  • I am REALLY enjoying the colors of fall – simply INCREDIBLE!


  • Family:
  1. Dad and Mum are headed back to Rwanda this month. Please pray for safe travel and strength and wisdom for the season ahead.
  2. My brother and sister (in law) are expecting their second child this month. Please pray for safe delivery and health for both mum and babe!
  3. My sister will be writing exams this month finishing off her second year in Massage Therapy (1/2 a year to go)
  • Personal:
  1. Partnership Development – I need people to be partner with me and be part of the IMAGINE IF LEADERSHIP team.  I have a budget set, preparing material to share and am praying for doors to open as I knock!
  2. I would like to be able to visit some friends/supporters in different parts of British Columbia – please pray for the right connection to get there and safe travel.
  3. Would like to get involved in my church here – just need wisdom on where He would want me to serve.

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