P + P – May 2012

Interviews are Complete!
I now have my PAOC Credentials! So no more interviews for me – Yipee!!!  While I am very thankful to be done this process, I have admit that God has used it to teach me new things and for that I am grateful!    

I have been AMAZED at the people and connections that God has brought my way this month. It has been TRULY a GOD thing! He has used people I know to knock on doors that I did not know to knock on.  He has brought individuals into my life that want to know my story, want to love me in the place that I am in now and who want to stand with me in the calling God has on my life! These are indeed, divine

                                               appointments for such a time as this!

                                                                   Thank you for praying !!!
God has opened the door to share at several different events (e.g. A PAOC Church Planting Hub) and churches in the next little while. This is the first time I am sharing the story or parts of the story in a church setting since coming back to Canada. I am both excited and nervous!              
                    May God be glorified through the story of HIS work!!
  PAOC General Conference – Ottawa
God willing I will leave to go to Ottawa at the beginning of May for the PAOC
General Conference.
 My prayer for the conference is that I will HEAR from God in a new and fresh way and that the words that I speak to those I interact with, whether at the home I will be staying in, at the conference or someone on the street, will be LIFE GIVING!!!
 Visit Friends
From there I will go to visit my best friend Andrea and her family for 10 days and perhaps catch up with others along the way. 
Travel to Rwanda
As you many of you know, I had hoped to be able to be in Rwanda to start work there by June 2012. Apparently God has other plans.  So instead of being able to stay I will be visiting for the month of June God willing.
I am SO thankful that I will be able to go back and participate in the OFFICIAL handing of the torch from Mum and Dad to Pastor Andrew, Prisca and team (June 3rd 2012). I am trusting for a SWEET and REFRESHING sweep of the Holy Spirit during that event!  
I will, God willing, be teaching for two of the weeks that I am there as well as making time to touch base with people. I know this time will go so quickly and my prayer is that I will be a blessing to those I meet and every moment will be Spirit led and filled!!!
Partnership / Support
God has done some INCREDIBLE and AMAZING things in the last month in providing for the dream both financially and prayer / emotional support! I am SO very thankful! We are definitely getting closer to the financial target. Please continue to pray for the completion of budget!
                     This is HIS story and we are simply part of it!                                              
      It does not rest on my shoulders but on the HIS … the GREAT I AM!
God has a specific timeline, above my own thoughts or ideas and I will keep walking in what HE wants and desires by FAITH and NOT by sight!                            
                         Thanks for being part of the journey!

11 thoughts on “P + P – May 2012

  1. Anna Armstrong says:

    Wow, this is all so amazing and exciting! I’m glad to hear how things are going and thankful you get to be in Rwanda for that special service with your parents and to reconnect with friends there. Thanks for the update. We will continue to be praying for you and are so blessed to participate in this adventure of ministry. Love you!

  2. Francis says:

    With your good brain, so many other wonderful traits and God on your side, nothing will stand on your way to achieve all your dreams and vision. Keep going strong and confident. You have our moral and prayer support. Francis

  3. Ivan Murenzi says:

    Dear Racheal Umutoni,

    Good news all through, thank God for His love and care. I am surely happy for you, and look forward to see you in Rwanda in June. May God’s leading be with you in your upcoming schedules

  4. victor says:

    Congratulations upon completing the interviews and receiving your PAOC Credentials!!! May God continue to favour you and open doors of opportunity to serve HIM. looking forward to having you in Rwanda.

  5. faithfulstar says:

    so glad to hear of God’s faithfulness in ur life and on this exciting journey, so happy for ya! have a gr8 tym in Rwanda and our prayers r still with u n so is the God we serve, stay blessed Umutoni, love u pucheart 🙂

  6. Jimmy RUTABINGWA says:

    Dear Rachael,

    We thank the good Lord for the far he has taken you and continue to believe that in His time He will make all things concerning Lyn Komant, BEAUTIFUL. We have not stopped praying for you and look forward seeing in Rwanda to bring forth this that you are pregnant with as you transform nations to the glory of God. URA KAZA NEZA mu Rwanda

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