P + P – March 2012


This past month I have had a great time re-connecting with people who live on this side of the world. Whether that has been being Auntie Shell and having a “little girls” sleep over
OR having group of girls at my home that were part of my RAD (Sm) Group from Trinity Western University. It has been such a joy to participate in LIFE with them once again! When we build into true friendships and community it is simply amazing what God can do in and through those relationships even years later!

I want to encourage each of you to take time to thank God for the friendships you have and keep investing in them.               Remember:  People are the ONLY things that we get to take to heaven with us!! 

Quiet Time in Creation

One of the most special things for me in this season is being able to have my quiet times with God in creation. I LOVE being able to walk with Jesus, surrounded by the Fathers love and creation and listening to the Holy Spirit as he pours HIS ideas and thoughts into my heart.

Helping Hands  

I am so very thankful for Helping Hands who have made me journey a little easier this month! Here are a few I would like to thank:

Imagine If: Rwanda Team

Marty Mittlesteadt and crew for the incredible work that has been done with the promotion videos! The videos are professional, spirit led and tell the story of IMAGINE IF so very well!

Pastor Andrew, Alex.M and Ivan.M for your willingness to be in front of the camera and share your heart for others to see and understand.

I also want to thank my dear friends Daniella and Deborah for keep track of donations and promoting IMAGINE IF at home in Rwanda.

Imagine If : Canadian Team

Shana Evans who took what I had as logo’s, ideas and thoughts and made some beautiful promo material that I can now hand out and send to all those who support this dream!  Amy Alexander for going the extra mile to get me connected to the right people or places!


BC/Yukon PAOC Conference (March 12-14)

I have the privilege of going to my first PAOC Conference as an Official Global worker. Please pray with me that I will hear from God during these three days. I also would ask that you would pray with me that I meet the RIGHT people, the ones that God wants me to be able to love on and bless and those that in turn can do the same for me!

Partnership Development

I still need people, churches and organizations to partner with me to see the IMAGINE IF LEADERSHIP CONSULTANCY come together! If you or someone you know would like to partner with me and donate please go to: https://imagineifleadership.com/donate

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