P + P – January 2012


There is MUCH to be thankful for!! Jeff, Jodi, James, Jonathan and I made it safely home to Rwanda. It was WONDERFUL and TIMELY for me to be home with friends and family! Let me highlight a few things for you from this month:

Week of Fasting and Prayer at CLA 

I was SO blessed to be in Rwanda for our annual Fasting and Prayer week. Doug Frederick and his daughter Emilie as well as Kelly Johnson came to share during the week. What a great time we had in the presence of God! I had many “heart” prayers as well as some public ones and God spoke into each one of them within the month that I was home. Not all are answered and not in the timing I thought they would be but there is such a deep peace in my heart knowing He hears and has/will answer!

Teaching at YWAM Rwanda DTS

I had the honour and privilege to got to YWAM DTS and teach Servant Leadership for three days to the students there. The students and staff that God has put together are unique and wonderful. It was AMAZING to see God working in hearts and that was just the beginning of their time there – I am SO excited to see what they will be in 5 months from now!

IMAGINE IF Leadership Tea 

I have to say that I was sure nervous doing my first church presentation but it could not have been in a better place than at my home church Christian Life Assembly Rwanda. It was SO fun to share with people what God has been doing and to help them see what could be … IMAGINE IF !!!  I am so thankful to have people who love me and believe in this dream and are willing to stand with me! I will be able to start the LOW ROPES COURSE on the land at CLA (see picture above) God willing July 2012. Thank you CLA!       I look forward to continued partnership with the church and individuals!!

Incredible Annual CLA Leadership retreat with all the CLA Pastors, Plant Pastors and Pastor Council members and all the wives!

The main reason I had gone to Rwanda for the month of January was to attend this retreat. An opportunity for me to connect with the leadership of the church since I am no longer on staff there and for me to come and do Team Building and Initiatives with these precious people focusing on TRANSITION (Elmer and Sherry Komant are stepping aside this year to let Andrew and Prisca Mukinisha and Team move forward) and the importance of working together, building trust and open communication.              

 Oh my – what an INCREDIBLE time we had! Good Spiritual food from Al and Yvonne Downey, great prayer times with each other and FANTASTIC  afternoons of team building! This retreat was a VERY powerful time in my life – one that I will NEVER forget! I was even given a Kinyarwanda name which I carry with pride – UMUTONI (favored).


  • As I head back to Canada I have gained new perspective and am excited to be able to share this GOD DREAM of starting up Imagine If Leadership Consultancy in Rwanda. I look forward to partnering with 100s of people to see this come become reality. I belive that I am to go home in June 2012!
  • A really need a car to borrow from February – June 2012 in order to be able to visit people and share this dream. If anyone knows of some one that has an ‘extra’ please let me know!!
  • My budget has been approved! Yup! It is both exciting and scary but one thing I do know is that with our God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE … so I’ll keep believing … please stand with me!!

3 thoughts on “P + P – January 2012

  1. rose and dave ewagata says:

    the vision is for an appointed time though it tarries it shall come . keep believing my sister . we believe. at such a time as this God has you dreaming about his work in this wonderful country. we shall pray and support you all the way. we beleive its also an opportunity for your faith to grow. we love you.

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