P + P – February 2012

I got a car to use!
Yes … this BEAUTY a 1993 Cadillac affectionately called “The Yacht” are my HOT wheels for the time that I am here in Canada. What blessing this car is and I love driving it!!!
It simply makes me smile every time I get in it!

  Partnership Development
I want to say thank you to all of you who have you chosen to partner with me and what God is doing in Rwanda. With my budget approved I now have 3 main parts to raise support for and am so thankful for what God has done in the last 5 months!! This past month I have been on my knees in praise and thanksgiving for the unexpected gifts along the way!
Here is a little update on where I am currently:
40% on Low Ropes Course
1% on a Vehicle for Rwanda
15% on Monthly Support

If you would like more specifics on this please feel free to email me at imagine.if.leadership@gmail.com

 Time with friends

–> Me, Jassie, Rachel B, Sylvia, Kirstel, Becky, Rachel M and Mollie <–
These beautiful ladies are the Excellent Eight – most of us have known each other since the first day of university and MANY moons later we are still friends, loving on each other through all the seasons of life including marriage and children (which for this weekend together the husbands kept them and we just got GIRL TIME – Thanks guys!)
I am SO blessed to have these incredible women in my life!
 Partnership Development
I continue to ask God for his timing and his provision for the support to come in so that I can go home to Rwanda in June 2012. You can pray for BOLDNESS as I send out emails, call people, sit with people and share the story of what I believe Gods heart is for the Leadership Development Center/Consultancy.


PAOC Credentials and Commissioning
I have handed in my PAOC Credential Application and am waiting for an interview. God willing I will receive my MINISTRY RELATED credentials that will allow me to be officially commissioned as a PAOC Global Worker at the upcoming BC/Yukon District Conference in March.  Please pray that God will give me peace and wisdom for the interview!


Thanks for taking time to read this and take these matters before our loving Heavenly Father that sees and knows each heart and every circumstance! As Psalms 37:23 says:  The LORD directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.

This promise is true for all of us so lets just see what HE will do!!

God Bless!

6 thoughts on “P + P – February 2012

  1. Geoff Gould says:

    hey lady.. we are right behind you. God is always on the move, and cares deeply for Africa, and for each of us. We will keep praying and watch to see what He does…Peace be with you as you wait upon Him.

  2. Sherry Komant says:

    Awesome, Princess. You are surrounded by His grace and love “as the mountains surround Jerusalem.” So proud of you. mom and dad

  3. glenn hansen says:

    Hello Racheal,

    i really appreciated the picture of you and the Yacht. I trust that you are being encouraged and please know that you are in my prayers.


  4. Mark and Tracey Thiessen says:

    Nice set of wheels Racheal! Ha! We are chuckling here. Too bad you cannot bring that beast home to Kigali! We are praying for you my friend!

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