Mirror Mirror

Hallo! Jambo!

My name is Malachi Musotsi. I come from Kenya but live and work in Rwanda overseeing building construction projects. (I’m the guy in the black jacket by the way)

I recently attended the leadership training that was offered at my church here at Christian Life Assembly Rwanda. The before and the after of who Malachi is are two different people.  These classes are more than lessons, they are life changing and I have been taught how to deal with people and how to handle life. For the first time I learned how to deal with one’s self and the impact it creates. It was like sitting in front of a mirror taking a journey through your life – the past and the possible future. It was like I was on stage acting and at the same time in the audience watching and feeling the impact of what I say and do or fail to say and do. The realization that I have a part to play in my own life and hence influencing others around me either by my actions. This brought an awakening in me that my life is not just mine, it’s meant to build others in community.

The impact of what I learned can well be demonstrated in one experiment I did at my work place. It was about the attitude I have as I come in the office and it was clear that the atmosphere around me goes with what am genuinely feeling and doing. I need no title to lead, I need no pulpit to influence, I don’t need to complain about bad governance coz I will lead like Christ, I will be real and authentic like Christ.
If the whole world new and embraced this His kingdom will have come.

Have you ever stopped and looked in the mirror? I mean really looked in behind the outward appearance to the heart? Have you asked yourself … Why I am here? Why do I do the things I do in the way that I do them? How will what I say and do impact others? Am I being real and authentic?

                           “DARE TO IMAGINE IF ….” 

One thought on “Mirror Mirror

  1. Jimmy RUTABINGWA says:

    I like!!! GO Malachi GO. Let the sky be the starting point for you as you do a U- turn in yr life and commnunity ALL FOR CHRIST. Amen.

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