Robert and Laura Agaba

Am name is Robert Agaba married to my beautiful wife Laura. I am Rwandan currently living in Richmond Virginia, and pursuing a college education.

My Story:
It is easier for us to want, desire and long for others to serve us. Racheal’s Servant Leadership class, enabled me to ponder the necessity of becoming a servant leader. It is through serving others, that we learn to model our lives after christ. Through servant leadership, we are able to confront our pride and to became as humble as christ was in washing his disciples feet.

My name is Laura Agaba.  I am a teacher in the United States, but I went through leadership training in Rwanda when I was teaching there.

My Story: The leadership program taught by Racheal was so incredibly useful. I especially found Servant Leadership to be so convicting and challenging. The way she used scripture to show us Biblical examples of serving each other, especially those of how our savior Christ serves those he loves. Today the worldly message is to be selfish and get ahead and step on whoever necessary to gain and accomplish ones own personal goals. This class reminded me again that servants of Christ should live their lives contrary to the way most of the world does, and value each other more than we value goals or accomplishments.

Additionally, Racheal is an ideal teacher for lessons on servant leadership because she exemplifies it in her leadership style. She teaches humbly and gracefully and I would recommend the class to anyone. I think this training would benefit anyone who seeks to work together in a way that glorifies God: churches, NGO’s and even families.

We are excited to be a part of helping Racheal obey God in this, and spread this message to transform many lives!

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