Rwanda’s Next Gen. Leaders

Hi, my name is Rina Bideri Ntagozera, I turned 20 in May and I am starting college this August.

I took The Life Giving Power of Authentic Community class when the opportunity opened up some weeks ago. I had been told of how powerful that course is and I wanted to see and experience it for myself. My friends who told me about Authentic Community had this theory that it was too good to just tell it all, they wanted me to go for it so when I sat in that class for the first time, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Knowing Racheal, I knew it was going to be really fun and I like fun but wow, every single class had fun, but there was so much more! 

To be sincere, that class was life changing. We went through material that everyone could relate to one way or another. I found myself speechless most of the time which is rare 🙂 The material was so accurate and put in a way that everyone could understand. Usually, I would have questions on the Bible and its relevance to this time and age but in this class, I saw more than its relevance, I understood why they say it is the truth because it clearly is. I think I was one of the youngest people in the class and at first that was a bit intimidating but I am glad I took it. I wanted to know more about God, more of what  He wants from me as his servant, but I finished the class knowing more about me that I didn’t know and how the lack of that piece of knowledge hindered my serving God to my fullest potential.

That class was just deep! I remember we were talking about how people put masks on in the presence of certain situations (you will have to take that class to REALLY know what that means). Racheal had make-shift mask and asked if there was any volunteer to wear it during the class. I thought it was amusing and I put it on. I won’t explain everything that happened but I will say that that lesson really opened my eyes. I had not realized, till then, that I was wrong. I would do so with the right intentions (or so I would think) but it was wrong. I can go on and on about the lessons I have learned but that 5 day course changed me and made me a better person.

I have had to make certain changes in my life after that class. I have opened up myself to correction, I saw what relational viruses hinder me from living the abundant life that Christ has for me and I am slowly working on being a better me with the help of the Holy Spirit. It is quite hard, most of us dig holes for ourselves in this life and keep going down deeper and deeper but I thank God that as of now, I am coming back up. Authentic Community really opened up my eyes to the hole I was digging and not only that but it gave me a rope to pull me out of it. I got answers for questions I had, I got assurance that God loves me and thinks highly of me, I got so many other reasons to believe that there is so much more to live for than what we usually settle for.

I am a great believer of the huge impact Imagine If will have on this nation. Every single day, I would sit in that class and think of the multitude that are missing out on this. I have been more than privileged to have taken this class at this point in my life. Like I said, I probably was the youngest in that class and yet you could sense that even the grown ups were amazed at how much they were learning. I had an advantage over them, I could change the course of my life to fit God’s will for me at a younger age and with a less heavier life bag pack (another Imagine If lesson you can’t afford to miss out)

I believe teenagers and young adults need this class more than anyone else. They need to hear and learn about all this as they prepare to make big decisions that determine the course their lives will take. We need this and it is my prayer that Imagine If begins its work in Rwanda as soon as possible. I get amazed everyday at how the Holy Spirit will point out random texts of the material that relate to a situation I am going through. It is an amazing process.

I would love nothing more than to see that this nation of Rwanda is being edified and made whole by the knowledge received from Imagine If and the power of God working in amazing ways.

6 thoughts on “Rwanda’s Next Gen. Leaders

  1. Jovanis Rutayisire says:

    Ri,this is really an amazing story! I am planning on taking the class too and Racheal, i am amazed each day at how much God is using you to change the lives of so many! I look up to you ladies and i gotta say i am blessed to know you girls!
    God bless you manyz…

    • Rina says:

      Jovaaaa!!!! you should take the class, im telling you, you will be amazed by it and it will surely change your perspective on ALOT of things and learn a whole lot of other new stuff!!!! lots of love frm me2u!!

  2. Sifa says:

    I feel like retaking this class! Racheal… may be a refresher would tune our heads back to what matters the most!

  3. Jimmy RUTABINGWA says:

    Thank You Racheal for Pouring your life out to the Nation of Rwanda through the life transfroming leadership teachings that you give. How I wish to see the Imagine IF leadership course start. Blessings.

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