Mutabazi Tom aka Strech

Name: Mutabazi Thomas Iyako

Age: 20 years young

Job: Student in India

Nationality: Rwandese

My story: Before I took these courses I had heard of them in my church and they were highly rated by the people who had taken them. So I decided why not give it a chance? For me the first course called Servant Leadership was a lifestyle changing course for me. It helped learn how if we want to be great we need to serve others and I got to enjoy it and it helped me very much as it lead to me being given more responsibilities that at some point I thought were way above my head. It had been my first time to hear of leadership where Jesus Christ is a role model and indeed it helped me a lot.
Secondly I took The life Giving Power Of Authentic Community which changed my relationships and helped me know my friends and also enabled me to build circles of friendship since in Africa everyone is considered to be your friend which leads to so many disappointments and expectations that are never met and this leads to people not having true friendships in which they love and take care of each other, may I say I graduated in this course with honors. 
Thirdly I took  How To Lead A Small Group and this course helped me become abetter leader and how leading people should be done for if a group or an organization does not meet the tasks given to it, it all comes back to leader. And if a leader gets to apply the truths that are in the in first two courses that’s where we start to see good relationships and leadership skills being built at our schools, jobs, homes etc. So these courses were really an edifying tool for me in my youth and I plan to build on them throughout my life as I grow.
In addition I got to work with Racheal Komant as an intern at my church under her supervision in other words she was my boss for 6 months. I got to learn that the woman in class teaching is the same woman who executes what she taught and I got to learn more from her style of leadership.
Why do I think it would be important to further the leadership training to reach out to other churches, NGOs and business and the nations? 
Especially in Africa the word LEADERSHIP is understood very wrongly at all levels in the working society as sad as it is even in churches this applies. So it would be my wish to see this training taken out for people to learn what it really is and also help people build healthy relationships with others. I believe this would be a transforming agent in our society since we live in a society that is still hurt by the genocide of 1994. For the youth my age this would help us build ourselves around true friendships that benefit us in doing good since most of the youth are not leaving for Christ or even messing around due to peer pressure and bad friends. I have a lot to say but I stop…….