Fred Rutare Irumva

My name is Fred and I am a business man from Rwanda. I recently attended two courses that Imagine If Leadership Consultancy offers at my home church, Christian Life Assembly.  I went to the course to acquire knowledge as a Christian. I expected to learn more about the what the Bible says in regards to Servant leadership, which I did, however I was also pleasantly surprised at other lessons learned. As a person with a background and training in business leadership, i didn’t expect the course to be relevant business leadership but it was.

                                   Participating in these courses has helped in a big way to work on my personal leadership and to  always question the motivation of my heart. I also was exposed to areas of my life where fear and pride were the source of not experiencing the fullness of Christ abundant life and therefore this knowledge am working with Jesus to gradually uproot these two giant monsters.

Imagine If Leadership Consultancy needs to be officially established in Rwanda because of it’s relevance in the leadership of the nation of Rwanda and the rest of Africa. Currently Rwanda as a nation is dependent on tourism and foreign investment as means to foster her development, of which these two are dependent on good customer service. 

Personally i believe the principles taught through these courses and activities identifies the problems leaders both in private and public sector face in their day to day leadership as the root cause for poor customer service and other areas in relation to their day to day output because of not knowing how to serve but rather love to be served which should be vise-versa. The combination of the teachings and the low ropes will help leaders gain better, stronger and life giving leadership skills that have the potential to transform our nation.

Lets do our part by practicing the knowledge we have acquired so that we can influence the world through being Christlike servants!

3 thoughts on “Fred Rutare Irumva

  1. marvin says:

    I loved the courses because there was alot of refining to do with me in my leadership style. They are really great…Each course touches a very vital part in our lives, especially in our dailly lives, work ,school etc. You become a better leader with these courses. oooohhhh!!!! by the way i was more like Fred.

  2. RURANGWA JOHN says:

    oh thats great, i was personally encourauged by how my life changed in the first cource i did of servant leadership, i learnt alot of things idid not know before and i hope this is the right time to join the imagine if project and win our country Rwanda and the world as a whole
    God bless you so much as you come again

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