Deborah Uwera

       Deborah Uwera

Age: 24
Job: Just finished a degree in  Electronics Engineering & telecommunication

My story:   

“To lead is to serve”. One of the first statements I learnt from the Servants’ leadership course,went against everything I had seen growing up in Africa,. Here, leaders are served, and it was not acceptable for them to stoop so low as to serve those he/she led. This is so widespread that it goes as far as the church, however, the bible tells us that “if we want to be great in God’s kingdom, we have to be the servants of all”, and this course really made me gain great depth in the area of serving with my skills, with my time, and lead by example.

In terms of my place and what role I play in community, I used to think, I could handle anything if only I worked really hard, but I learnt that we do need people, no one is an island, and that God really was serious when he created us in communities.
But I would say that the most important thing to me about “living in community” was that I have to be authentic, and cultivate true relationships, and not build walls around me, and that Jesus is a bridge between God and I and also between myself and others.
I really am grateful for the life changing lessons I got, I believe that I am more equipped to be who I am called to be, and to serve in my different spheres of influence.

My Rwanda and the Need for change:
I think that there still is a huge misconception among the leaders here,and i believe that it is paramount that they learn to lead like Jesus did, and 
that as they do so, the people they are leading will follow suit. 
We need to help each person to understand that we all have a role to play and that it is all important and that there are no small jobs.

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