Deborah Kortso Collison

Name: Deborah Kortso Collison

Job: Nutritionsit currently working with UNICEF

Nationality: Ghanan

Lessons I learned from the Leadership Training I took at CLA:

  • Leadership has nothing to do with position and title but rather a process of influence. This made me realize that anytime I influence someone in any form then I am taking up a leadership role at that moment.
  • If I say Jesus is my leadership role model then servant leadership which is leading by serving others is a mandate and not an option.
  • To be a servant leader I must know what motivates me, what my perspectives are and what other people are experiencing under my leadership.
  • Friendship is a mutual exchange and to build a good relationship I need to spend time, ask good questions and listen.
  • An authentic community starts and ends with God and God created us with the need to belong
  • Having a healthy relationship requires me to have friends in all the 4 levels of community and I must be very authentic in all levels.

Application to my life:

  • With the help of the Holy Spirit, I make a conscious effort to be a positive influence through my lifestyle and also through my daily communication with others be it in speech or signals.
  • I am also putting in efforts to stop having a self-sufficient perspective to issues as a leader and accept help and support from others around me and also me conscious of the feeling s of others.
  • I know I am not a pretty good listener and so because I need to build up good and healthy relationships in an authentic community, I am making sure I listen attentively to people and not interrupt them and also keep good eye contacts.
  • I am making efforts to be authentic by speaking the truth in love and meekness and build healthy and genuine relationships in all my four levels of community.

Why should we keep doing Leadership Training? 

  1. Most problems happening in churches and other organizations are as a result of poor leadership and leadership by example from my view is one of the best ways to influence a community, nation, churches and organization. So for me it is important that this leadership training should continue in order for us to have a positive impact in the world as a whole.
  2. The style of teaching of this course by this personality is very unique. Other institutions and organization teach these courses which I have attended but this style of teaching the course is so practical and self-assessing that you will definitely not finish the course without your motive and life being changed