As A Husband

Back in November 1994 we ( Pamela and I ) made vows in front of a church congregation and decided that we have become one. Mostly new marrieds tend to have time together but as days go by the couple get used to each other and many of the things they had vowed to keep tend to take a different curve. The wife takes more time with the children and the man looks around for opportunities and spends less time with each other and even sometimes the man becoming a stranger in his own house and family.Sitting with your spouse in the same class is not easy because if I’m given a question and I miss it and my spouse gets it what will I feel and how will the class look at me? This I had to overcome by even impressing upon my wife that its time that we sit together in a class and share these leadership courses together. To me leadership starts from our homes and then spreads to others. So I had to take this bold step of sitting with my wife in the same class and go through these very good leadership courses with Umutoni (Racheal).  We spent a total of ten days in the servant leadership course sitting closer to each other and following the class series together.

In the Life Giving Power of Authentic Community course we took together we study the bible on what it means to be FOR ONE ANOTHER.

This is where I felt that I might have not been there for my wife and I took time to search myself only to find out that I have been taking my wife for granted. This also made me reflect whether I have gotten used to Jesus in such a way that whatever I do I assume he is there anyway and whether I do right or wrong he is a loving father and he will forgive me. I might have applied the same to my wife and family and I got a lot of time to reflect his forgiveness and how many times I have not put into consideration what my wife has done for me and took it for granted.

I have learned at a deeper level that wives are companions and they should be treated as human beings and they should have that opportunity of sitting together in a class and pursue the same goal and that through this she too will be better than when I married her.

This note is to urge all marrieds
to make time with their wives and attend together
for I believe when one forgets the other will be there to remind. Servant Leadership and Authentic Community is a journey that needs to walked in togetherness and I promise there are no regrets in attending these two courses.

It will be from good to great!

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