Pastor Peter

Hear is my story:
My Name is Peter Nkunzingoma, I am 35 years Old Married to a beautiful gal called Ruth, we have three Children Faith is 6 years, Joy is 4 years and Ethan is 2 years.

I am currently serving as a Pastor of Christian Life Assembly Church Plant Nyabisindu which is One Year and a few months now. I am pursuing a degree in Bible and Theology at the Bible school  PAG which is an affiliate to Global University.

I am a Father, Husband, Pastor, Student so this alone explains why Leadership Development Centre is very important!

I have gone through 3 levels of leadership training and recently I encouraged the Church that I am pastoring to also come and be trained at this time.  It was a course of Servant Leadership training where we were challenged to be Servant Leaders rather than being bosses. It is on this ground that I appreciate Rachael for realising her call and the God that has called her in this particular area. The training is a very precious gift that is required for all those that God has called into his Kingdom. We need that gift to circulate to all the people that you can possibly reach out to.

Like I said it cuts across all areas of life, whether you are a parent, a child, a preacher name it, even in other organisations it is a tool of evangelism, it does not shape our character only but it helps us to discover who are and whose we are and that we model is what we are likely to produce. So if Jesus is my Role Model, and of course He is, I need to be reminded that to be a leaders of others you must serve them.

The Impact that the training has had on the believers from our church that went through the training:

1) Today people have grouped themselves and every week, there is a group or one that come to sweep the Church.

2) The attitude that many had for example leading being the Boss has Changed to leading by example.

3) Of course people have a testimony in understating that salvation is a journey, there will be times when we are in the valley, steeps and on the top of the Mountains.

It is full of lessons!