In His Time

As I climb … higher and higher …

The MAGNIFICENCE of Gods creation overwhelms me!

The blue sky, white clouds, tall mountains covered with a blanket of snow, the valley below with rivers running through them, the ever greens standing tall in their rightful positions …

And then …

There it is ….

The tree …

So …

Dead … yet alive

Empty … yet full

Isolated … yet strong

Different … yet lovely

Cracked and weathered … yet full of colour and story!

I stood amazed …

In His time

In His time

He makes ALL things BEAUTIFUL

In His time!

Lord please show me everyday

As you’re teaching me your way

That you do just what you say



No matter what you have gone through, no matter how you feel, God makes ALL things BEAUTIFUL in HIS TIME!!!

3 thoughts on “In His Time

  1. Patrick Muchiri says:

    Amen ….. I will be patient and still as the Potter works on this piece of clay for I know that in His time ….. something that glorifies Him will emerge …. Thanks Rachael

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