I Will Follow

I will Follow 

Chris Tomlin:
Where you go – I’ll go
Where you stay – I’ll stay
When you move – I’ll move 
I will follow! 
Who you love – I’ll love 
How you serve – I’ll serve
If this life I loose  
I will follow!
On one of my walks with my Heavenly Father recently:
Can you see the where this path leads? No
Do you believe there is something good around the corner? Well, yes of course … it has been wonderful up to now, even the ugly has been beautiful to me today, I can only imagine what is yet to come!
Do you want to keep going or stay here? want to keep going even though it is truly lovely and peaceful here.

Well then, child, in your own life, do you see how this applies? In the moment you are happy and content, though there have been many times of hardship in your past and moments of uncertainty in your present – will you continue to walk in obedience before me, one step at a time, even if you cannot see the future? Yes. I will follow!

How about you my friend? Are you facing the unknown today?
I want to encourage you to look behind you and see what HE HAS DONE. Then look beside you and see what HE IS DOING and then look forward and say with me: 
I may not know the future, but I know who holds the future! 
Psalms 121:5
The Lord himself will watch over you!
The Lord stands beside you as your protective shade.

2 thoughts on “I Will Follow

  1. Qollins says:

    that’s really interesting and true. the road seems like its ending, but God is the one holding our future, so the road will always be there and good

  2. Nicky Dee says:

    It’s hard sometimes not knowing what will happen tomorrow… But this reminds me that He is in control and i do not have to worry or wear myself out.. He has got this!

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