Winds of Change

But if we hope for what we do not YET have, we WAIT for it PATIENTLY! (NIV) or But if we look forward to something we don’t yet have, we must wait patiently and CONFIDENTLY. (NLT)

Romans 8:25

During the week of fasting and prayer here at CLA – January 2011 – I knew in my heart that there was WINDS OF CHANGE blowing my way. The breeze at first had an excitement and refreshing as it touched my heart with HOPE for things YET TO COME. I continued to work with the Youth/Young Adults with vigor (God placing: SIMPLY LOVE as the theme for this year on my heart) and continued to do In-classroom leadership training wherever God would open the doors, including CLA, Wellspring Foundation for Education and YWAM (Youth with a Mission).  With each different group, my heart was beginning to see how important understanding CHRIST MODELED LEADERSHIP is for ALL cultures and countries.  But what was I to do?  I did not see myself as a visionary, someone like my parents or brother, who could see the future, gather people around them and carry out a vision. Yet it would seem that my heart, being blown by this wind, was beginning to say that I should think in a new, fresh, what would seem unfeasible to me, kind of way: To start a Leadership Consultancy endeavour. Surely not?!?  But as we all know, if God is in it, He has a way of making those winds a little more forceful. I felt I was being pushed and pulled into conversations and circumstances where my heart and its little dream from years ago would be affirmed about building Leadership Development Centers (In classroom training and high ropes, low ropes, activity based training) and resource reading rooms, starting in Rwanda and moving out to the other countries of the world as God would lead. What was I thinking? There were too many obstacles to really consider this.  But then, where was the faith I said I had in my God who can do the impossible? 

In April, my whole family (minus my precious sister who was in school in Canada) went to Mombasa for the yearly PAOC (Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada) African Retreat.  With the encouragement my brother and dad, I decided to have an “exploratory” meeting with the two “Big” men of PAOC about my dream and if it would be something they would consider as being part of their missions vision and if they would be willing to be my covering in my new venture? The results were incredibly positive and I was full of peace – an application was sent to me a week later. So that was a month ago. I came back to Rwanda, peaceful yet really questioning … is this right? Is it what I really believe God is calling me to? I was also still leading the youth and so how was that going to all work out? In God fashion, that month (April), a couple from Kenya who are passionate about youth and have been doing it for the last 12 years were brought to CLA to be interviewed to be the official Youth Pastors and by the end of the week it was agreed that they were going to take on that role. They would however, not be able to come from Kenya until September 2011. AAAHHH MORE CHANGE!!!  How then do I lead during this time period? How do I keep investing when I know that things will change completely? How do you do transition well? How would going back to Canada, applying with PAOC, seeing friends, raising finances etc work with this information!?!  It felt like a cold winter wind was blowing in on me! I then seriously went on my face before God and without saying a word to anyone, I asked my loving heavenly father that if this really was His call, He would give me some specific conformation. Now friends, here’s the good news, some of those confirmations have come my way, including the CLA Board being behind me 100% and wanting to continue to partner with me when I return.  

Now those changes are only in my work life, there have been LOTS of other changes within family, friendships, working relationships, spiritual growth and emotional development – lots of pain and disappointment as well as healing and maturity. This year so far is like I have been on the threshing floor, God separating the chaff and the grain and God using incredible amounts of change as the wind that will blow away all the chaff of my life so that we can get on with the business we really need to do. Wow! What a process and it’s not even the middle of the year yet J

 So you probably have 101 questions  but now but let me tell you what the rest of 2011 looks like for me, as far as I can see any way, but as we know – with God things can/do change!

 July 23/24 – Arrive in Canada

  • Take a few days to get over jet lag, meet up with friends/family in the area
  • God willing be in contact with PAOC and get some/all of  the interviews done and accepted as a full time PAOC missionary

 August 10 – Drive across the country with Andrea (my best friend) who is moving to Ontario

  • I will stay there of weeks – have no idea how long yet J

 Mid September

  • CLA will fly me back to Kigali for 2-3weeks to do an OFFICIAL TRANSITION with the youth Pastors that are coming in. 

 End of September

  • Fly back to Vancouver
  • Finish interviews with PAOC or  if that is complete – start SUPPORT RAISING for the rest of the year going  wherever God will open the doors as I do some knocking J

 End Dec/Jan 2012

  • Move back to Rwanda  with all my funds in place (a miracle waiting to happen)

 So friends, here is what I need:

Prayer for Wisdom

    • I am finding that the winds are still blowing HARD and I am tired (emotionally and physically) and need God to give the strength to stand! 
    • PAOC Application process will go smoothly and I will be accepted into the organization without any hold up
    • People both in Canada and here in Rwanda that will want to join me in this endeavor. Who will pray, plan forward and participate in this Kingdom Business!
    • Coming up with a full budget and then making the right connections to raise that money (project budget, car, personal living etc)

Personal Needs from September onwards:

    • A place to live in the lower mainland  (Sept – Dec/Jan)
    • A car to drive
    • A cell phone
    • Money to live while I get my support in order
    • Emotional/Prayer Support 

Project Needs

  •  Find a team of people in Canada that are interested in partnering with me to help run this endeavor                                                  
  •  Recourse Centers  –  People who be able to come to Rwanda set up recourses centers /reading rooms 

So those are some of the initial ideas and thoughts! I have no idea how far this can/will go. One of the CLA board members challenged me the other day by saying: “Racheal, do not LIMIT this. What you see is just the beginning” … and here I was, thinking it was huge already.  Lord I surrender!  Mydesire is to REACH OUT TO THE WHOLE MAN WITH THE LOVE OF CHRIST and I believe that Developing Leadership Training Centers and Resources Rooms, having Jesus as our leadership role model, is one way to help people find themselves and find Christ!!

I hope you can join me on this NEW ADVENTURE!!

Seems crazy enough to be a God thing – eh?

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